Recent IELTS Speaking Questions

Recent IELTS Speaking Questions are IELTS Speaking Questions that was shared by IELTS student who had taken the IELTS test recently.

Recent IELTS Speaking Questions  30/06/ 2020

Part 1:

  • work/study
  • staying up late

Part 2:

  • Describe an old person you respect

Part 3:

  • Related to Part 2.

Recent IELTS Speaking Questions  29/06/ 2020

part 1

  • what you like most about your apartment
  • if you had a chance to take an interview with a famous person, whom you choose

Part 2

  • person after meeting you are happy

part 3

  • generally about the happiness of children today

Recent IELTS Speaking Questions  28/06/ 2020

Part 1

  • Home
  • Friends
  • Discussion

Part 2

  • Describe a time when you risked something dangerous

Part 3

  • Related part 2 about risk

Recent IELTS Speaking Questions  27/06/ 2020

Part 1:

  • Apartment or house

Part 2:

  • Describe a group which is you really enjoyed it

Part 3:

  • Related to part 2
  • What do you think a successful group has a leader?

Recent IELTS Speaking Questions  26/06/ 2020

Part 1:
-fish and fishing

Part 2:

Describe the situation that you felt wasting time
Part 3:

Related to part 2, about time

Recent IELTS Speaking Questions  25/06/ 2020

Part 1:
Pen or pencil
Part 2:
Describe something you bought that was difficult to use at first.
Part 3:
General questions about part 2

Recent IELTS Speaking Questions  24/06/ 2020

Break time
Part 2
Describe a uniform were you wear at school, work, sport
About uniform

Recent IELTS Speaking Questions  23/06/ 2020

About hometown

Magazine and newspapers
Something you did to smth about wasting time generally

Part 3
related to time management.

Recent IELTS Speaking Questions  22/06/ 2020

Part 1:

  • Work/Study
  • Science
  • Cakes

Part 2:

  • Describe a people who taught you something important

Part 3:

  • Teaching
  • Learning

Recent IELTS Speaking Questions  21/06/ 2020

Part 1:
-Do u work or study?
-Why people use public transport?
-When was the last time you travelled by public transport?
-Would you use public transport in the future?
-Do you like your current age?
-At what age do you think people are the happiest?
-What subjects are you studying?Why you learn this language?

Part 2:
Describe an occasion when you wear something special.

Part 3:
– Why and when people wear formal/traditional clothes

Recent IELTS Speaking Questions  20/06/ 2020

Part 1:
-Public transport
-Do you work or study
-Keeping things tidy

Part 2:
-Describe a mistake you made
-When and where
-What was the mistake
-What you learned from this

Part 3:
Related questions to part 2
-What kind of mistakes children make
-Is it better punish them

Recent IELTS Speaking Questions  18/06/ 2020

Part 1:
-Where do you live?
-Are there any shops near to your home?
-do you like a place you live?
-Did yoi enjoy eating cakes when you were a child?
– Do you cook meals for yourself?
– What is the most beautiful view you have ever seen?
– Do you like taking pictures?

Part 2:
Describe a crowded place you visited

Part 3:
– What kind of places are usually be very crowded in Uzbekistan?
– Why do people move to cities from countryside ?
– Why population is growing?
– What do you think do cities expand in the future?

Recent IELTS Speaking Questions  17/06/ 2020

Part 1: Pen or pencil

Part 2:
Describe …a person in news
Who is this person
Where and when you heard about him/her
And explain whether you’d like to mett with

Part 3: famous people
Why people are seen in the news?
And that kinda questions.

Recent IELTS Speaking Questions  16/06/ 2020

Part 1:
– What did you like the most in the home you lived in your childhood?
-Do you have the same opinion of the place you live now?
-Have the things you discuss with your friends changed comparing to the time when you was a child?

Part 2:
Describe a friend whom you think is a good leader?
– where you met him/her
– why do you think this person is a good leader

Part 3: Leaders
– Who is the family leader in your country?
-Do you think sometimes women are leaders in a family?
-What personality should a good leader have?
-Is that important that men do the final decision?


All students found their examiners nice and friendly. And they said that speaking was pretty nice, and the examiner smile at the end of the speech.

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