IELTS Listening Multiple Choice Questions | Essential Tips

The Essential Tips for The IELTS Listening Multiple Choice Questions will provide you with the best tips, practice, and useful vocabulary to help you achieve your best score band. Multiple-choice questions are the most difficult of all the questions in IELTS listening and you need to develop the right techniques to deal with them in order to do well.

 IELTS Listening Multiple Choice Questions Multiple Choice Tips

Please try to read all tips below carefully. There are extra tips listed below focus on them besides the tips on the video:

Tips to Get The Answers from the Questions

  1. Check for a title.
  2. You might be asked to respond to a question or complete a sentence.
  3. Find keywords in the question
    • the keywords will help you understand which answers are right and which are wrong
    • paraphrase the keywords
    • if it is a list selection multiple-choice, underline the number of answers you need to find – for example, choose three letters.

Tips to Get The Answers from Answers Options

  1. Read through the answer options.
    • highlight similar options so you don’t get confused.
    • note the differences between those options.
    • think of paraphrases for keywords.
  2. All answer options will probably be given in the recording.
  3. Don’t think that the first answer you hear is the correct one – keep listening.
  4. Watch out for answers that are given and then taken away again by the speaker.
  5. Listen for the word “but” or “however” this can mean a negative is coming which means it might not be the right answer.
  6. If you think an answer is correct, put a tick but keep listening to make sure it is right.
  7. You can write on your question paper so use ticks and crosses for right and wrong answers.

Multiple Choice Answers

  1. You might not hear the exact words in the answer options – answers might be a paraphrase.
  2. Your answer should be a letter, not a word – be careful when you transfer your answers. If you write a word instead of a letter, your answer will be marked wrong,
  3. When you have a list selection that asks you to choose two or three letters, you can write those letters in any order. For example, d b a or b a d.
  4. When you have to choose two or three letters for two or three questions, make sure it is still one letter for each question on the answer sheet.

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