IELTS Listening English Names Practice and Tips

In IELTS Listening Section 1, it is common to be asked to listen for English you are going to practice listening for names and get useful tips for the IELTS listening test. It is common to listen for names in the IELTS listening section – test yourself on your ability to write down English names.

This lesson will test you on your ability to listen and write down English names. After the answers, She’ll give you a list of tips to help you understand how to listen for names in IELTS Listening Section 1.

IELTS Listening Practice for Eglish Names

You should listen to the recordings and write down the names you hear.

  • Don’t forget to listen for titles. Some will have titles and other won’t. If there is a title, you must write it.
  • Write down the complete name given.
  • Some names will be spelled and others will not.


These two listening practices focuses on listening for English names. This practice is important for students preparing for their IELTS test as well as other students studying English or planning to move to the UK.

IELTS Listening Practice for Eglish Names 1

You will hear 10 names. Listen and write down what you hear.


Click below to reveal the answers:


  • David Darwin
  • Mrs. Alice Smith.
  • Balthazar Jones.
  • Sara Bartholomew.
  • Sean Bean.
  • Mr. Frank Allenson.
  • A R Beevers.
  • James Chichester.
  • Mary Schooling.
  • Sir Paul McKellen.

IELTS Listening Practice for Eglish Names 2

You now have a chance to listen again to 10 new names. Think about the mistakes you made in the previous practice and see if you can improve.


Click below to reveal the answers:


  • Dr. Davis
  • Richard Chamberlain
  • Miss Victoria Halley
  • Mr. C J Billings
  • Robert Powers
  • Emily Jackson
  • Nora Ingalls
  • Mrs. Caroline Castle
  • Charles Pringle
  • Emma Ford

Final Note

Capital letters are not needed and are not marked so don’t worry if you use them or not. 

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