IELTS Essays Language and Communication

In the IELTS Essays Language and Communication, we are going to talk about the purpose of writing IELTS essays, in the IELTS writing test. And why you shouldn’t focus on grammar and vocabulary and forget about the primary purpose of writing.

IELTS Essays Language and Communication

It is critical that IELTS students understand the purpose of writing because this will give students an idea of how they should be constructing essays. Simply, the purpose of writing is to communicate information, and language is the mechanism by which that information is communicated. This means that communication is the goal, not language. It also suggests that content is extremely important because an essay that has few ideas has communicated little.

Many students focus almost exclusively on grammar and vocabulary and fail to consider the primary purpose of their writing. They aim to use complex vocabulary and grammatical structures when they are not required which leads to non-standard use of language, lower quality communication and an increased number of errors.

The primary focus of students should be to communicate in a clear and concise fashion. A quality essay’s primary feature is those good ideas are well presented.

An IELTS examiner will spend a very short period of time on each essay and read that essay once only. The largest risk for any IELTS student is that the examiner becomes confused about the meaning or the direction of the essay. If this occurs, the writer is unlikely to score Band 7 or above, irrespective of the quality of the language used. Similarly, an essay that the examiner can read through once and be clear on the meaning and direction of the essay will usually score Band 7, even if there are many grammatical and vocabulary mistakes.

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