Complete IELTS Bands 4-5

Complete IELTS Bands 4-5 is an enjoyable and motivating topic-based course designed to help students with a B1 level of English to achieve their best score at IELTS.

It starts with short, simple tasks and gradually builds up students’ abilities to deal confidently with full-length IELTS tasks by the end of the course. 

Complete IELTS Bands 4-5 Offers

Complete IELTS Bands 4-5 offers:

  1. comprehensive analysis and practice of the task types used in MINS Reading. Listening, Speaking and Writing papers.
  2. a step-by-step approach to writing tasks using models as guidance and sample answers.
  3. a systematic approach to speaking tasks with model answers and a focus on pronunciation.
  4. stimulating authentic reading texts that provide training in the skills and strategies needed to deal with exam reading tasks.
  5. listening activities that provide training in the skills and strategies needed to deal with exam listening tasks.
  6. coverage of major grammar and vocabulary areas which are known to be essential for success In IELTS. These are supported by work on correcting common mistakes as revealed in the Cambridge Learner Corpus.
  7. coverage of features of spelling where IELTS students at this level have problems.
  8. motivating pair-work and group-work exercises.

Complete IELTS Bands 4-5 Student’s Book

Complete IELTS Bands 4-5 Student’s Book contains:

  • Ten topic-based units of nine pages each covering topic areas frequently encountered in IELTS.
  • Each unit covers tasks from each of the four papers in the exam, so all units contain work on Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. The units also cover essential IELTS-related grammar and vocabulary.
  • Each exam task type is integrated into a range of classroom activities designed to equip students with the strategies and approaches needed to deal with the demands of IELTS.
  • Practice for each part of the test is accompanied by detailed information and advice about what the task involves and how best to approach it.
  • Ten unit reviews that provide additional exercises on the grammar and vocabulary encountered in each unit. 
  • Writing and Speaking Reference sections containing detailed advice to students on how to approach writing and speaking tasks in the exam, complete with exercises and model answers.
  • A Language Reference section giving clear and detailed explanations of the grammar covered in each unit.
  • Ten Word Lists containing lexical items encountered in the Student’s Book units or recording scripts. We suggest that the best time to use these lists is towards the end of the unit, perhaps before doing the Speaking or the Writing sections. Students may use these lists for self-study and reinforcement of lexis encountered in the unit. Here are some suggestions as to how students can use them which you can discuss with them.
    • Students should use the page reference given to find the items in the unit and study how the words/ phrases are used in context.
    • They can use a learner’s dictionary (such as the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary) to compare the dictionary definitions with the definitions given in the word list. In many cases, the definitions will coincide, but they will be able to study further examples In the dictionary.
    • Students can annotate the word lists themselves or copy items to their notebooks for further study.
    •  You can suggest to students that they should not try to memorise all the items, but they should select a number of words and phrases that seem most usefu to them and try to use them when doing speaking and writing tasks.
  • A full IELTS Practice Test.
  • A CD-ROM intended for self-study which provides further exercises to prepare students for IELTS.

Complete IELTS Bands 4-5 Workbook Contains

  • Ten units designed for homework and self-study. Each unit contains full exam practice of IELTS Reading and Listening tasks.
  • IELTS writing tasks with model answers.
  • Further practice in the grammar and vocabulary taught in the Student’s Book.
  • An audio CD containing all the listening material for the Workbook.

Complete IELTS Bands 4-5 Teacher’s Book Contains

  • Detailed notes for the ten units in the Student’s Book which:
    • state the objectives of each unit.
    • give step-by-step advice on how to treat each part of each Student’s Book unit.
    • give supporting information to teachers and students about IBLTS tasks.

    • offer suggestions for alternative treatments of the materials in the Student’s Book.
    • offer a wide range of ideas for extension activities to follow up Student’s Book activities.
    • contain comprehensive answer keys for each activity and exercise, including suggested answers where appropriate.
  • Ten photocopiable activities, one for each unit, designed to provide enjoyable recycling of work done in the Student’s Book unit, but without a specific exam focus. All photocopiable activities are accompanied by teacher’s notes outlining:
    • the objectives of the activity.
    • a suggested procedure for handling the activity In the classroom.
  • Five photocopiable Progress Tests, one for every two units, to test grammar and vocabulary taught in the units.
  • Ten photocopiable Vocabulary Extension word lists. The words and phrases in the photocopiable Vocabulary Extension word lists have been selected using the Cambridge International Corpus and relate to the topics of the unit. They are intended to provide students with extra vocabulary when doing IELTS tasks. We suggest that you hand these lists out near the beginning of the unit. Most of the words and phrases do not occur in the units themselves, but students may be able to use some of them during the speaking or writing activities in the unit.
    Here are some suggestions on how these word lists can be used:
    • Ask students to go through the word lists in conjunction with a good learner’s dictionary such as the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary and check how the words/phrases are used in the examples (many of the definitions will be the same).
    • Ask students to select S-10 items which they would like to be able to use themselves and ask them to write their own sentences using the items.
    • Encourage students to copy the Items they find most useful to their notebooks.
    • Ask students to refer to these word lists before doing speaking or writing tasks in the units. Give students time to look at the relevant list and think (and discuss with you) how they can use words/phrases before they do the task itself. When students do the tasks, pay particular attention to any use they make of items from the lists and give them feedback on how correctly they have used an Item.

The Class Audio CDs Contain

There are two audio CDs containing listening and speaking material for the ten units of the Student’s Book plus the Listening Practice Test. The listening and speaking materials are indicated by different coloured icons for each of the CDs.


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