Asking for Clarification In The IELTS Speaking Test

Today we are going to learn phrases for asking for clarification in the IELTS speaking test. You can use these phrases to ask for clarification for unclear questions in part1 & 3  on the IELTS Speaking Test.

How to ask for Clarification In The IELTS Speaking Test?

In IELTS speaking, there is a good chance that you don’t catch the phrase or not understand it at all. Such cases may negatively impact your speaking score because, without a proper understanding of the question, you may easily go out of topic. So it’s always safe and secure to ask for clarification for UNCLEAR questions. (part1 and part 3 only)

  • Could I ask you to say that in other words? I’m not sure I quite understood.
  • Could I ask you to say that in a different way? I don’t think I quite got what you meant.
  • Could you please explain it to me in a slightly different way?
  • I’m really / terribly sorry but I’m not sure what you mean exactly.
  • Please could I just check whether you would like me to talk about school or university, or both?
  • Do you mean whether local news is more important than national news?
  • Do you mean how frequently I watch news on television?
  • I am not exactly sure what you meant by ‘entail’? Would you be kind enough to explain it
  • Would you mind repeating that? I didn’t quite catch it.
  • Could you please repeat the question?
  • I’m so sorry. Please could you say that again?

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