About us

Are you interested in having a self-paced preparation course for the IELTS exam at home, without the overload of leaving your home or committing to strict deadlines and punctuality in attending?

Then this IELTS Prep. site is the right site for you! Providing you with the full insight of the IELTS test structure design, techniques to attack the questions, and further your language enhancement for professional and academic purposes in all skills.

IELTS Prep is a fully educational site that involves lessons provided to you by international professions with wide experience in the field. In addition, it permits you to experience the exam in reality by allowing you to practice on real-life previous IELTS test samples along with answers to check and estimated scores in all four skills speaking, writing, reading, and listening.

With IELTS Prep not only your IELTS skill will be enhanced but your language skills as well.


This website is a personal website and it does not follow Cambridge University.